MoFo Wrap-Up & Recipe Reviews

I didn’t get a chance to wrap-up the awesome month that was Rocktober Vegan MoFo when I wanted to on Halloween, but better late than never. Right?

My goal was to post as much as possible, given my schedule, and I think I did a pretty good job. I managed 19 posts – just one shy of the MOFO organizer’s goal of 20. Considering I’d been averaging two to three posts per week before October, I’m please with the posts I cranked out. I was able to share some awesome recipes with current readers and a few new ones.

Welcome and thank you to all of you who are now reading Veggie V’s Vegan Adventure! I’m glad we found each out 🙂 Ha ha ha. Was that too cheezy?!

I also found a few new blogs that I’m excited about through the MOFO experience. I really need to update the look of my blog, which will include a Blog Roll that highlights all of my favorite new and old favorite blogs. Stay tuned for some cosmetic changes to the ol’ blog in the coming weeks.

While I wasn’t posting last week, I was baking. And cooking. But mostly baking. I tried a couple of recipes I’ve been wanting to make in hopes of sharing the delicious results with my students. I promised to make them some tasty vegan treats for my birthday (How does that happen every year?!), but I got side tracked that weekend and didn’t get around to making anything sharable until last weekend.  For their first foray into the wonderful world of vegan baked goods, I opted to share something a little more decadent, so that meant a full fat/full sugar treat was in order. And while this isn’t my normal MO, it was awesome to indulge!

The first recipe I tried was Angela’s Brownies. I went for the gluten version, and OMG, they were amazing! I had to test one (Really. I HAD to!) the first day, and it was all I could do not to test the rest of them! But I was good and made it all the way to the next day. Ha ha! By the time class started, I had indulged in three brownies. And they were worth every bite! That evening I had an all male class (Where were my ladies?!), and they happily wolfed down at least three brownies each. I shared the rest with my co-workers, and even at three days old, they still got rave reviews. I highly recommend making these brownies for a special occasion. I will be making them again in the summer for my husband’s families’ next get together. (Last summer, I made non-vegan brownies with crazy thick frosting, which put everyone in a sugar coma…and skyrocketed me to the position of favorite cousin/niece/daughter-in-law!)

I forgot to take a picture of the brownies. I know. I suck. One of these days I’ll become a real food blogger and remember to take photos of my food! Honestly, they looked like brownies. Use your imagination 😉

The other recipe I tried was Katie’s Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars. I thought it would be nice to provide a non-chocolate treat in case anybody wasn’t into/couldn’t do chocolate. (I have two co-workers who can’t eat chocolate. I have great sympathy for them.) The first time I made the bars, I followed the recipe exactly, which included a nice amount of coconut oil, and they turned out a little, well, wet. I can’t even say moist because wet is a much better word. The flavor was awesome, though. I took the bars to work anyway, and they were gobbled up. Nobody seemed to mind (or even notice, really) the wetness, and two people who swore they didn’t like pumpkin each a piece and said they were delicious. So flavor wise, the bars were a big hit. Texture wise, I wanted something a little bit different. So I tried again.

I made the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars again Thursday (I had to get up in the middle of doing a big pile of assessments and bake. Who has a compulsive urge to bake?!), but this time I didn’t include the oil, and I reduced the sugar quite a bit – replacing it with stevia. The results were a lot better texture wise, and the flavor was still there. Success! But while I was making the second batch, I couldn’t help but think how good they’d be as ginger bread bars. I’ll let you know how they turn out!


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