Banana Bread Dessert Balls

I’ve had two random, super-ripe bananas hanging out in the fridge for a couple of days,  begging to be used. I would have normally peeled, chunked and frozen them once they became too ripe to suit me, but I somehow didn’t get around to, so in the fridge they went. And since they weren’t frozen yet, I really wanted to use them as-is, but I was running out of time – and out of ideas. 

Then I got hungry. Really hungry. And the ideas started flowin!

I don’t use my Magic Bullet often enough. I don’t know why. It works wonders. It’s crazy fast and the clean-up is almost as fast. So tonight, I used it to whip up some oat flour (rolled oats whizzed for a few seconds with the “S” blade until they turn into powder) and those two, super-ripe bananas (in separate containers). This is what I came up with…

Banana Bread Dessert Balls

1/4 c  oat four

1/4 c oats (or hot cereal mix, which is what I used)

1/4 c banana puree (or banana butter)

1 TBSP chia seeds

1 mini box raisins (about 2 TBSP)

Mix everything together. Scoop about a TBSP of mix and form into a balls. The mixture will be very wet. If it starts to fall apart or stick to your hands, wet hands slightly. (Use your fingers to form the balls if they’re being extra temperamental.) Refrigerate balls for at least an hour so the oats and chia seeds have time to soak up some of the moisture and thicken the balls/make them stick together.

My mix made 6 balls.

(I think a little cinnamon would add a nice amount of flavor to these.)

Click here for nutritional information.

Breakfast in a Ball!

As I was eating the two balls that rolled into my mouth, I thought about eating the rest of them for an on-the-go breakfast tomorrow. These are definitely car friendly!

I still have 1/4 – 1/2 cup of banana puree left, so I’ll need to think of some ways to use it. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t really like to use banana to sweeten things because I find the flavor overwhelming, but when the main flavor is supposed to be banana, I’m cool with it. So whatever else I come up with has to be banana flavor intended. Hum….for some reason, banana peanut butter keeps popping into my head. Or coco banana butter?! Whatever I decide, I’ll be sure to share with you!

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