Recipe Review: Fig Bars

I’ve been trying lots of other peoples’ recipes lately, so I have quite a few recipe reviews to share with you.

The first review is for Fat Free Vegan’s Skinny Fig Bars. Um, ya. These are amazing. Seriously ah – mah – zing. I rarely make desserts twice, but in the last few weeks, I’ve come across a couple that I’ve already made at least twice (and one I’ve made three times already!). That’s saying a lot for me. (There are just so many awesome desserts out there that I can’t repeat many eats, or I’ll never get to enjoy even a fraction of what awaits me in dessert wonderland. LOL)

This can’t-live-without dessert I must have in the freezer at all times. Seriously. It’s that good. And it’s great frozen! (I wish I didn’t know that. Or rather, my pants wish I didn’t know that.) The middle doesn’t freeze solid, and the crust warms on the counter in a couple of minutes. Or in your hand/mouth instantly 😉

I opted for the almonds in the filling, but opted out of the glaze.  The almonds didn’t chop up very well in my wimpy food processor. (Mr. M bought me a massive food processor for Christmas, but I can’t have it until them, so the next time I made these, watch out!) I even tried using almond slices, so it might be a good idea to rough crop them yourself and fold them into the fig/date mix.

I also added a couple of packs of stevia to the oat flour crust just to give it an added touch of sweetness. (I think stevia brings out the sweetness of other sweeteners without adding that distinctive stevia taste.) Belive me, the filling is plenty sweet enough to cover for the crust.

Skinny Fig Pie!

I didn’t think I had a glass dish to accommodate this recipe, so I used a deep dish pie plate and made Fig Newton pie. This is one pie I actually like!

I was able to get 16 pieces like the recipe suggests, which, at first, I thought would be WAY to small, but they were just right – and about 115 calories per slice. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Who got into the pie?! Oh ya. It was me. Mmmm….

The next time I made these Fig Bars, I’m going to try making them in a mini-muffin tin, hoping they’ll be more like Fig Newtons with crust encasing the filling. I’ll let you know how they turn out!

Side note: Aside from hoarding canned pumpkin, I’m now also hoarding dried figs. Are they available year round?! Someone please let me know!


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