Cookie Bake-Down Part 1: The Snickerdoodle

Must. Stop. Baking.

I just posted this as my status. Because it’s true. I have to stop baking. It’s getting a little out of hand. I can’t even count how many dozen cookies I’ve baked in the last two weeks. I can tell you, however, that I’ve run out of people to give cookies to, so I either need to move onto differed baked goods or make more friends!

In my non-stop baking frenzy, I’ve made a couple of different recipes of a couple of different cookie flavors. I didn’t initial plan on doing this; it just kind of happened. But, it meant more cookies I HAD to taste test, so I kept up the trend. (What? You don’t want me giving away bad cookies, do you?! Ha!)

Today’s Cookie Bake-Down is the Snickerdoodle. I actually ended up making three different snickerdoodle recipes, but the last one has a holiday flavor kick.

The first snickerdoodle I made was from Oh She Glows.

Yes. Those are my finger dents. Ha ha ha!

Angela’s recipe calls for cinnamon in the batter, which I’d never done before, and, honestly, it wasn’t my favorite. The texture was crunchier than I expected, and the flavor was a little off. My co-workers seemed to like this one; they ate all of the samples I brought to a meeting.

OSG Snickerdoodles

The second cookie came from Chocolate Covered Katie.

CCK Snickerdoodle

These were so good, I couldn’t stop eating them. I was able to only eat one each day (they’re great right from the freezer!), but that meant I had to make another batch for work. (You don’t expect me to give away cookies that haven’t been taste tested first, do you? Ha!)
I’ve actually made these cookies a few times in the last two weeks. The latest time was tonight. Even Mr. M ate two. And a half. He snagged the other half of mine when I sat it on the kitchen counter for later. Good thing I have about 20 more!I did make a couple of adjustments. Aside from doubling the batch so I could make more cookies at one time, I also used French vanilla Silk coffee creamer instead of the non-dairy milk that’s suggested. I also added a little more vanilla than the recipe calls for – I just splash it in. (Is there such a thing as too much vanilla?!)
Finally, inspired by CCk’s recipe, I switched the coffee creamer for coconut egg nog and traded the melted Earth Balance for melted coconut oil. Delicious!

Egg Nog Snickerdoodle made with coconut oil

I also made a batch of these with melted Earth Balance before I remembered I wanted to try the coconut oil. They turned out good, too, but my preference is the coconut oil. 

Egg Nog Snickerdoodle with Earth Balance

 For both egg nog cookies, I rolled the cookie ball in a mixture of sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg. I think the nutmeg on the outside brought out the nutmeg from the coconut nog on the inside. Total yumminess.


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