Cookie Bake-Down Part 2: Peanut Butter Cookies

Everyone gets the bake-down thing, right? It’s a comb of bake-off and show-down. Ya, I know. Cheezy. (Or should I say cookie-y?!)

Ok, so onto the next batch of cookies, which were peanut butter. I have an awesome peanut butter cookie recipe I love, but they are healthy. And they taste healthy. Not everyone is into healthy cookies, especially people who follow a SAD diet. So, to accommodate the people who were to be eating my cookies, I went ahead and tried a couple new recipes.

Flourless PNB Cookies

The first PNB cookie recipe I tried was from Love Veggies and Yoga. Averie’s flourless recipe caught my eye a few months ago, but I hadn’t had an occasion to make it yet – until the holidays.

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

The first time I made these cookies, they turned out great! They were an OK thickness, and they didn’t spread all over the cookie sheet. The second time I made them, they were really thin and spread like crazy. But both times, they were delicious – if you like sugar. Lots and lots of sugar. Wowza!

I remembered the fork markes!

Overall, these cookies were a huge hit, especially with the male gender (no idea why). I even made a couple additional batches of these cookies with White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter – one with chocolate chips and one without – and my husband took them to work for his office-mates. They gobbled them up!

White Chocolate Wonderful Peanut Butter Cookie with Chocolate Chips

No Added Fat PNB Cookies

The next peanut butter cookie recipe I tried was Chocolate Covered Katie’s Secret Peanut Butter Cookies. I’m not sure what the secret was because they didn’t have any unusual or unexpected ingredients. Maybe she thought the lack of added fat was the secret. Regardless, the flavor of the raw dough with these cookies was awesome. However, when I baked them, they spread paper-thin and wouldn’t come off the parchment paper. I ended up scrapping the whole batch after I peeled off what I could and tasted the results – burnt sugar. I don’t know what I did wrong with these cookies, but I don’t think I’ll make them again.

A little too thin and flat

It was nice to try a couple of different PNB cookie recipes. And I’m glad I had people to bake them for, so I wasn’t tempted to eat more than one or two by having them in the house!


3 responses

  1. One reason your cookies may be spreading is that the dough is on the warm, i.e. well-worked side. If you chill the dough for a half hour or hour, then make the cookie balls, then bake, you will have far less spreading issues.

    Also looks like you’re baking on parchment. For $20 bucks, a Silpat will revolutionize your baking. Your cookies will not spread nearly as much. Highly recommended.

    That said…the cookies look great and thanks for making mine!

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