Recipe Review: Macaroons

As you know, I’ve been doing a lot of baking over winter break. I’ve already shared my adventures in snickerdoodles, peanut butter cookies, and gingerbread/molasses cookies, but, of course, I’ve been baking other goodies too. I guess I’ve been using this time to make some of the more decadent treats that have caught my attention but that I haven’t wanted in the house to tempt me. This time of years is the prefect excuse to bake something you only want one of because you can give the rest away, and people are more excited than leery.

One of the cookies I’ve been dying to make is Chocolate Covered Katie’s Four-Minute Coconut Macaroons. I came across the recipe again one day a couple of weeks ago, knew I had all the ingredients on-hand, and knew I would be having lunch with a serious coconut fan the next day. Perfect!

I assembled my ingredients, but after I opened my can of coconut milk, I realized it was full fat, although the cream at the top wasn’t very creamy, and hoped that wouldn’t make much of a difference during the cooking process. I don’t know if it did or not, but I had to add an extra TBSP of oat flour (which may have also played havoc with the consistency) to the mix and cook it WAY longer than suggested to make the coconut mixture thick and dough-like as opposed to runny and soup-like. It tasted awesome, so I guess cooking it for a while longer didn’t affect the flavor. I also cooked my cookies less time than suggested because the tiny shred of coconut that stuck out away from the cookie started to burn. Again, this didn’t seem to affect the taste at all, and after I let the cookies sit for a few minutes on the hot cookie sheet, their consistency was fine.

Naked Macaroon

After I sampled one (as good cookies do – ha ha), I decided they needed something to cut the intense sweetness, so I melted one square of Baker’s semi-sweet chocolate and drizzled it on each cookie by the spoonful. Then I set the chocolate drizzled macaroons in the freezer over-night to set. The resulting product was super delicious – and super rich! I thought they were very reminiscent of a mounds bar, but double the sweetness.

All dressed up with some place to be.

My friend said she and her parents all ate one of the macaroons the day I sent them home with her. Woohoo – omnivores eating vegan cookies equals success!


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