Recipe Review: Gingerbread Biscotti

I finally found some gingerbread I like! Woohoo!

I found this recipe from Fat Free Vegan a few weeks ago, and it’s been on my must make list since. Honestly, I’ve never tried anything of Susan’s that I haven’t loved (she and I must have a very similar pallet), so I was pretty sure her combo of gingerbread spices would work for me. And they did!

I somehow picked up on the idea that biscotti was hard to make. It’s not. It’s very simple. The only difficult part, if you call pulling a pan from an oven and then replacing it to said over difficult, was baking the cookies three times (even though biscotti literally means twice cooked/baked).

Biscotti and Tea

While I loved the flavor of this biscotti, I did have trouble with the dough being too dry. I don’t know if the liquid is missing from the ingredient’s list, or if it just needed more liquid because I used whole wheat flour, but I ended up adding about 1/4 c of coconut nog (I’m sure any non-dairy milk or non-dairy coffee creamer would work just fine, but I need to use my coconut nog before it expires.) to get the flour to incorporate. Then, after I thrice baked the cookies, I couldn’t figure out how to keep them crunchy! I’ve read numerous times to keep cookies crunchy, store them in a glass container, but I don’t have a glass container big enough for biscotti planks, so I wrapped mine with foil, but they got soft. The next day they were even softer – after having been transferred to a loosely covered plastic container. If anyone knows how to keep biscotti crunchy, please let me know! (It was crunchy before I wrapped it up for the night; I was so disappointed the next more.)

Overall, another successful recipe from FFV!


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