My New Toy

I did it; I bought a Vitamix!

I’ve been wanting, wishing for, and dreaming about owning a Vitamix blender for years and years. So, one lonely Sunday evening while Mr. M was in bed, I ordered one…from QVC. Ha ha ha. That still makes me laugh. I guess it’s not that random; they sell everything; I used to order from them all the time, and I love absent-mindedly watching the different “programs” while I’m doing other things (like blog posts!). Anyway, this particular night, the programming was focused on the daily special – a Vitamix…for $100 off the retail price. That alone was enough to make me hunt down a credit card. But, get this, there was a choice in base colors, and one of the choices was red. Woohoo! That was all I needed. The universe has spoken, and it said, “Order me.” So I did.

A week or two later and this baby was mine.

My New Toy!

Mr. M was reluctant. How could a blender be worth $500?! Then, we made whole fruit juice: pineapple (with the core) orange (lazily skinned). Yum! Next, we made whole fruit/veggie green juice: a green smoothie made with green grapes, lazily peeled Meyer lemons, parsley, tons of kale, a handful of ice cubes, and an apple. Liquid delight and a satisfied husband. Any machine that can turn whole leave kale into silky smooth liquid is apparently approved for residence in our home. Good to know, especially since I threw away the return label because I knew I was keeping it 😉

Whole Food Juice/Kale Smoothie

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  1. Congratulations! We got ours 3 years ago and use it for everything! Smoothies, sauces, salad dressings, soups, bean dips, but butters, sorbets…it gets used at least once daily every day! Enjoy in good health!

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