Recipe Review: Flax Bread

I love trying new recipes. And since I’m trying to be a lot more gluten-free, I’m always on the lookout for vegan or easily veganized gluten-free recipes that don’t need a flour or nut meal I don’t yet have in my pantry. So, when I came across this recipe for gluten-free flax bread a few weeks ago and couldn’t wait to try it.

Flax Bread with Avocado & Tomatoes

I love flax (or so I thought), and this looked pretty easy. When I finally got around to make it, it was easy, and I had high, high hopes (even though I had concerns about the coconut oil), but this recipe fell short. The flax flavor was just too much for me, and the coconut oil, plus the natural oils from the flax, made this bread greasy  – almost to the point of being soggy. In the recipe’s defense, though, I did veganize it, adding even more flax (Flax eggs) to replace the chicken eggs, which could have taken it over the flax edge. But I doubt it.

Ready for the Oven

The bread is very pretty. And it smells good. I made great sandwich bread when I cut the slice in half. I had high, high hopes. I wish I liked the taste of the bread. I really wanted to enjoy it. I swear I did. But I didn’t.

Flax Bread Sandwhich

I hate publishing bad recipe reviews. I know some (or maybe even a lot!) of my recipes don’t taste good to some people, but I share them anyway. I even share recipes that don’t quite do it for but get rave reviews at work or, on the even rarer occasion, at home. (Mr. M won’t eat many of my recipes except for the soups – and even then it has to meet his specifications.) So please don’t let my review stop you from trying this recipe. If you LOVE flax, go for it! If you are an experienced bread connoisseur, go for it. If you have  a bunch of flax meal about to hit its experation date, give this bread a whirl. I’d love to read about your review 🙂

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