Product Review: Almond Coconut Milk

I don’t do product reviews/endorsements very often, but I couldn’t resist this one. I had seen Blue Diamond’s Almond Breeze Almond Coconut milk talked about on a few of my favorite blogs a couple of months ago, but, as usual, it hadn’t showed up at my local grocery store yet. Until last week, that is.


I debated on buying this product because it needs to be refrigerated, which means the shelf life is usually less than aseptic packaged non-dairy milks, and I don’t go through it quickly. But after all the fuss, I couldn’t resist. I’m so glad I did!

I’ve been drinking this milk straight from the carton. That’s crazy weird for me. It honestly reminds me of coconut flavored cow milk, which would normally send me running to the trash, but for some reason, this really  hits the spot. I’ve been making rich desserts just to have an excuse to drink my new favorite beverage!

Update: After a week in the fridge, this milk is ready to go. Bummer. While the same “use within 7 days of opening” statement is on every carton of non-dairy milk (aseptic packaging or otherwise), it seems as though the shelf-stable cartons stay fresh longer after they’re open. Oh well. I’m still in love with coconut-almond milk and will happily buy it again 🙂

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