Recipe Review: Gluten-Free Brownies

In addition donating to my Peanut Butter Eggs to a recent work bake sale held to collect funds for a group of coworkers participating in a local Walk for the Cure, I also made Angela’s Gluten-Free Brownies from Oh She Glows.

Later last year, I made the glutenized version, and they were a huge hit! So, since I’m trying to be gluten-free, and I know some of my coworkers are too, I thought I’d try the gluten-free version of everyone’s favorite treat.

In her post, Angela said she liked the gluten-free version better than the glutenized recipe, but I’m not so sure. I did REALLY like the gluten-free brownies, and they were all gone by the second day, but I think the texture of the glutenized recipe was better. But, keep in mind, I’m still getting used to the drier texture of the gluten-free flours. I’ve been working with almond meal and oat flour for a while, but that’s about it (except for the garbanzo/fava bean flour mix used in my amazing coating in my Awesome Onion Rings). Regardless, I’d definitely make these again. I might consider frosting them, though. Mmmm….frosting….


4 responses

  1. Thanks for your review!! I agree about the flours resulting in a change in texture. For some reason we liked the GF ones better. I think it’s just a personal preference thing! Now I want to taste them side by side again…heh. Take care!

    • Thanks, Angela! I love when you post both glutenized and gluten-free versions of recipes. I still need to try the different chocolate chip cookies recipes 😉

      I’m getting used to the different flour textures. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. These brownies had the flavor though. And even though the texture was a little different, they were still moist and chewy – a must for a good brownie 🙂

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