Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5K…A Week Later

Last Sunday was the official day for the Automattic’s Worldwide 5K.

I’ve been running/jogging/slogging (slow jobbing) for a couple of years, and I regularly participate in 5K’s throughout the spring/summer/fall, so I happy to participate in this blogging event. But, the timing of the event wasn’t the best for me. The end of the semester always catches me off-guard, and this semester was no different than usual.

To off-set the timing thing, I got my 5K in on Saturday instead of Sunday – for two reasons. First, I had a bunch of school stuff to do on Sunday, and second, I wanted to leave Sunday morning open for biking riding with Mr. M. However, that didn’t happen *sigh* Regardless, because the weather was crappy on Saturday, I had to run inside on my beloved treadmill, which was totally fine with me!

What almost 4 miles look like.

I haven’t gotten in many long runs since having my gallbladder out, so I went a little over the required distance 😉

It felt good to sweat through the miles. Mr. M. came into the office and chatted it up with me through the last mile or so, which was nice. I’m not used to having company when I run!

This was the first year I’ve participated in the WWWP5K, but it won’t be the last 😉




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