My First Blender Soup!

Since getting my Vitamix a few months ago, I’ve used it almost daily. Mr. M has even gotten into the habit of making smoothies in the mornings – and sometime at night! We both really need to watch the DVD that came with it, though, because I think we could be using the wonder appliance a little more effectively. Regardless, I figured out how to make blender soup!

I mentioned on Facebook that Mr. M got me a sprouting kit for Easter, so we’ve been sprouting fools since. The kit comes with three sprouting trays (I’ll share more about this in an upcoming post. I keep forgetting to take photos of the growing process!), which produces a lot of sprouts! Of course, we don’t have to use all three trays at once, but Mr M has been excited to try all of the varieties that came with our sprouting sample, so he’s been sprouting all three at the same time. Generally, this isn’t a problem between our daily salads and grab-and-go bites here and there. But the last time we sprouted all three trays, our timing was off and I was left alone to eat all three! Now, don’t get me wrong, I love sprouts, but six plus cups of sprouts is a lot to get through in a couple of days! Not wanting to waste the tasty little nutrition-filled gems, I did what I do with all of my left-over produce…I threw them in the Vitamix!

I grabbed all of the fresh produce in the house and combined it with the sprouts, a little water, and some seasonings, blended until warm, and gobbled it down.

Raw Sprout Soup

2-4 c sprouts, any variety (I used mung bean, lentil, and broccoli sprouts)

2 c water

1 tomato

1 lg carrot

2 stalks celery

2 green onions

1/4 sweet bell pepper

1-2 c spinach

1/2 c parsley

Seasonings: salt, pepper, granulated garlic, oregano flakes, basil flakes, Mrs. Dash chili lime

Combine everything in a high-powered blender and blend until smooth and creamy. Continue blending until warm (if your blender allows for that), or warm slightly on the stove or in the microwave (If you’re into that). Don’t over-heat soup if you want it to remain raw. (I used a bio-therm to temp the soup so I knew it didn’t get too warm.)

I added half of a diced avocado to bowl of soup, but it sank so you can’t see it in the photo 😉

I can’t wait to make more soup!

8 responses

  1. This looks healthy and delicious! I’m a big blender soup fan- although I tend to stick to my immersion blender… which, oddly, is the one kitchen gadget that my husband contributed when we first moved in together, way back when!

  2. I’m addicted to my Vitamix, too! Smoothies every day and we’ve also made some blender soups as well. Love it. I’d recommend watching the DVD – although you’ve probably figured it out by now. I watched it before using the Vitamix for the first time and it really helped.

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