It’s my Blogiversary!

I can’t believe an entire year has gone by since my first blog post. An entire year!

Hey! It’s my Blogiversary!

I started this blog as a way to share the delicious vegan recipes I began creating in my tiny, little kitchen. Even though I was a vegetarian for 10 years before I dropped the eggs and dairy, I didn’t cook much until I started following a plant-based diet. At first, I relied on meat analogues and some frozen and packaged vegan goodies to get me through the week, but as the days have gone by, my diet has changed, and my reliance on kitchen helper foods has all but disappeared. At this point, unless I’m doing a little experimenting with my digestion (more on that coming soon), on any given day, I don’t consume anything from a package. (Unless you happen to find on that off day when I’ve had to resort to a prepackaged Lara bar because my freezer stash ran out, or I’m traveling and (a) got stuck somewhere or (b) got hungrier a lot quicker than expected.)

In the past year, I’ve created nearly 100 original recipes, sold 11 copies of my first eCookbook (all to friends and acquaintances, but…it’s a start!), presented the wonderful world of veganism to about 50 people – and fed them!, helped a friend transition from omnivore to herbivore, become a trusted source of food and nutrition information for my real-life friends and acquaintances, met a countless number of amazing bloggers and blog readers who have my sincere appreciation and admiration and make my days a little bit brights 😀 In past few months, I’ve had quite a few recipes featured on other, wonderful blogs, found my blogging ‘voice,’ engaged in stimulating conversations on Facebook and Twitter,  and been blessed with over 17,000 blog visitors. 17,000…I wouldn’t believe that number if I didn’t see for myself!

When I was thinking about what to write to celebrate my blogiversary, I was going to share with you how much my diet has changed and what I’ve discovered my myself , but once I started thinking about the past year and how much a part of my life this blog has become – and all of the people associated with it and the blogging community I’ve become a member of  (including readers who don’t blog!), it didn’t seem like the way to go. Not today. Today I want to (not so) simply say, “Thank you.” Thank you for reading. Thank you for like my recipes. Thank you for making my recipe. Thank you for being a part of my vegan adventure.

Cheers to another year!


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