Raw Pies & Parfaits

I shared a recipe a couple of weeks ago with you for Raw Dutch Apple Pie, and since then, I’ve been making apple pies, cherry pies, strawberry pie, banana cream pies…I can’t get enough raw pie!

My recent obsession with raw pie is a little odd considering I don’t like traditional pie (except pumpkin, but everything is better with pumpkin). It has something to do with the crust and sickeningly sweet filling.  But raw pie is different. All raw desserts are different to me. In a very, very good way.


Basic Raw Pie/Parfait

10 medjool or other soft date, pitted

1/2 c dried, shredded or flaked unsweetened coconut – optional

1 c (heaping) filling

Process dates and coconut (if using) in a mini-chopper until crumbles form. Place about half of the mixture in the bottom of a small, deep dish and press to form a bottom ‘crust.’ (Use a shallow dish and bring crust up the side for a more traditional pie look.) Add filling and top with remaining crumbles. Eat right away, dehydrate, refrigerate or freeze pie.


Click here for the Apple Pie Filling recipe.

Cherry Pie Filling: Roughly chop/blend (pulse chop so mixture is part liquid/part chunks) about 2 heaping cups of pitted cherries.

Strawberry Pie Filling: Roughly chop/blend (pulse chop so mixture is part liquid/part chunks) about 1/2 pound strawberries.

Banana Cream Pie Filling: Blend one large banana until smooth. Add to pie. Slice one large banana and add to top of banana cream.

Make it 80-10-10 (high carb/low fat raw vegan): Don’t include the coconut and all of the combos are not only 80-10-10 approved, but they also follow food combing guidelines.

Make it a parfait! Turn your pie into a parfait: Instead of pressing the date crumbles into the bottom of a dish, sprinkle about 1/3 of the mix into the bottom of a deep, wide glass, add about 1/2 of the filling mixture, top with more crumble, add more filling, and top with more crumbles. If you’re making the banana cream, add a layer or two of sliced bananas, or top each cream layer with a layer of sliced bananas.

Two or three ingredient raw desserts. Eating simply at its finest!


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