Adventures in Juicing

I shared with you a couple of months ago that I finally bought a juicer – an Omega Vert 350. I got a great deal on it – half price! – and I was super excited to juice everything in sight as soon as it showed up on the front porch. So I did.

I juiced spring mix. Gross.

I juiced kale and ginger and lemon and apple. Not great.

I juiced carrots. Not my favorite.

I juiced apples. Good, but after I drank a pint of straight up apple juice I remembered  why I don’t drink apple juice; it gives me terrible stomach cramps. I was, unfortunately, reminded as we were driving to our Fourth of July vacation get-a-way…three hours by car. Ouch.

I juiced zucchini. Not bad. Nice and mild and probably  a good nutritional add to other juices.

I juiced beets. Blech. This is the second time I’ve tried raw beets. The first time, I blended one. Blech. I love, love, love cooked beets; they’re one of my favorite veggies, but when they’re raw, they taste like dirt to me. I don’t understand how people say they add them to juice and smoothies as a sweetener. I don’t get it…at all! I even tried yellow/orange beets for a milder flavor, but it didn’t make any difference in the dirt taste. Neither does peeling.

I juiced oranges. Delicious!

I juiced grapefruit. Delicious! (Word of warning: Don’t drink old citrus juice unless you want to be super friendly with your bathroom.)

I juiced oranges and grapefruits. Super delicious!

I juiced the white and leftover red part of the watermelon rind. Awesome! So refreshing! And apparently, the white part contains the  hard to find amino acid citrulline.

I juiced cherries and grapes. Mmmm…Bonus, it’s a great flavor booster to homemade kombucha (more about that to come!).

Basically, I’m not sold on juicing. I know I just need more time to experiment and become accustomed to juicing veggies and greens, but the juicer  clean-up, although minimal, is deterring as is the cost of produce and waste produced by the pulp. (I used some of the pulp in raw crackers and breads, but I couldn’t figure out how to use most of it. Compost fodder.)

And oh ya, adding an apple to questionable juice does not make it taste better. Maybe if I added a bushel of apples…*sigh* I need a juicing intervention.

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  1. You really tried everything! Very interesting to hear your observations about various combinations and what works and what doesn’t. I have a juicer that mostly gathers dust – for the reasons you name. The clean-up is a b**ch! For me, the Vitamix beats a juicer hands down. Looking forward to your kombucha idea, however :-).

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