Coconut Goji Balls

If you’re new to this blog, you aren’t aware of my love for all things balls. I have a seemingly endless supply of both sweet and savory balls in my freezer. For some reason, I’ve found people outside the blogosphere don’t appreciate eating food with the word ball in the title. So, when I make balls for non-bloggers (which is everyone I know in real life), I call them bites. Or truffles. Or I just flatten the dough into a pan and cut it into squares. Those crazy ‘regular’ people. What’s wrong with a few good balls?!

Coconut Goji Balls

12 jumbo madjool dates (or 24 regular sized madjools), pitted

1/2 c raw almonds, soaked

1/2 c shredded coconut, organic

1/4 c goji berries

Rinse and drain the almonds thoroughly. Add them and the goji berries to a food processor (or a mini-chopper). Pulse until coarsely chopped. Remove and place in a bowl. Then, add dates and coconut to the food processor and pulse until combined. Now you have two choices: either add the almond/goji mix back to the food processor and pulse to combine OR add the date/coconut mix to the almond/goji berry mix and combine with a spoon. (Squishing by hand works best with this method.) Finally, spoon out a big glob and roll it into a ball. Continue until all of the mixture is rolled into balls. Store in the refrigerator or the freezer.

If you choose the freezer, you may have to let them warm for a few minutes before consuming; the goji berries freeze pretty solid and can be a little tough on the teeth.

These travel great. I’ve been carrying them around with me during crazy busy work days, and they don’t melt or squish or get weird at all. And, they’re cheaper than those popular date and nut bars from the store. Plus, you know exactly what’s in them. Bonus!


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    • Annie: they’re kind of sour. At least i think so. And they’re super hard as packaged. At least the ones I’ve found. For these I just use them in their super dry form, but I have a recipe for raw oatmeal coming up where i soak them first in water. It only takes a few minutes for them to plump right up. Biggest downside to goji berries? The price! Ouch. So expensive!

  1. I love goji berries sprinkled on something everyday…some are a little crunchier then others(freshness??) ANY ways I”ve got a trip coming up so I think I will make these for my traveling treat…thx

  2. Are goji berries freeze-dried? Would other freeze-dried fruits work, like that “Just Fruits”/”Just Vegetables” brand? I have some “Just Persimmons” that I’d like to use up.

    • It took me forever to use the ones I bought too. I don’t care for them on their own, but in stuff they aren’t so bad 😉

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