Ugly V8 Knock Off

It’s ain’t pretty, but it sure is tasty!

I was greeted by a box of left-over produce from our now defunct garden when I can come from participating in a 5K last weekend. (Side note: I am now sick with sinus issues. Maybe mom was right; you CAN catch a cold from the cold! Ha!) The majority of the box was tiny little Roma tomatoes, which Mr. M informed me were to be used to make tomato juice.  Ok. But let’s take it up a notch.

Knock-Off V8 Juice


parsley (stalks are fine)



lemon (I used one small, peeled)

greens (I used kale)

Juice everything. Strain to assure no pulp. Add seasonings to taste. I added a splash of Bragg’s Aminos.

Sorry for the lack of a recipe. So far, I’ve found juicing is really a personal taste thing. I read a bunch of recipes on the internet before I made this juice, and most also called for watercress and/or spinach, onion, and garlic. I didn’t have any spinach or watercress, and I wasn’t sure how strong the onion and/or garlic flavor would be, so I skipped all of that, and the flavor was really good. I do suggest you go ahead and strain the juice before consuming because the tomato juice can be pretty thick.

Does anyone else make a mess when they juice?!

12 responses

  1. Juicing is inherently messy! Somehow I always end up w/ splatters on the bottom of the cupboards and on the walls. And cleaning up…forget about it! Hey, it may be ugly, but I’ll bet it’s delicious and of course, it’s way nutritious.

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