Juicy July

Welcome to Juicy July!


If you follow our Facebook group page, Raw Fusion Reset, you know that each month since Mattie and I started the group, we have been doing month long challenges to help people along with their raw food journey. The first month, May, we worked on increasing the amount of raw foods in our daily diets. The second month, June, we focused on reducing the fat in our high-raw vegan diets. And this month, July, we’re encouraging everyone to add at least one juice (or smoothie if you don’t juice) to their daily diet – either as added nutrition or a meal replacement. (Don’t skimp on those ounces/liters if you’re replacing a meal!) July is the perfect time to take advantage of abundant summer produce (except for our southern hemisphere friends – sorry) and stock up while prices are good and fruits and veggies are at their peak of ripeness.

As the month progresses, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite juice recipes (Yes, I finally have some favorites!) and a few juicing books/program reviews for those of you who like a little more structure with your juicing.

Happy Juicing!


Side note: I finally joined Instagram!I am still getting used to it (and trying to use Twitter more), so I don’t have many photos posted yet, but I’m working on it. Follow me, Veggie_V, so I can follow you, too!


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