Juicy July: Juicy Resources

No, you didn’t miss-read the title of this blog, and no, you didn’t go back in time. I’m finally getting around to posting my final Juicy July post. Why so late? Well, you know, L.I.F.E. Ugh.

Moving to a new state required us to look at and buy a house in one day. Two days later, I woke up with a abscess on one of my wisdom teeth. This, fortunately, didn’t stop me from visiting a local amusement park (Cedar Point – Ever heard of it?), and either the pain got better or the excitement/slamming around on the rides made me forget about the pain because it wasn’t on my mind at all that night…until 230 in the morning. Needless to say, I was at the dentist by 9 a.m. on Monday, and I’ve been sucking down antibiotics and pain kills ever since. Yup. Meds. Sometimes I take meds. I’m all about the salt water rinse and sipping green juice, but sometimes that’s not enough. So, here I am, still in pain, barely able to open my mouth, refraining my usual workout routine, and finally catching up on blogging.

Juicing Resources

There are tons of free and inexpensive resources for your juicing adventures, and I highly suggest your consult a few before and during your juicing adventures. As I mentioned before, my first go at juicing was a major fail, and I didn’t come back to it for quite some time. I also made some major taste mistakes by trying to drink just one fruit or veggie juice straight (without other flavors added) and by throwing whatever I had in the fridge into the juicer and expecting delicious juice to result. It did not.

Fitlife.TV : Drew and his friends run this awesome website/YouTube channel and give their readers/views new juice ideas and inspiration a few times a week. They also have a Facebook Page (and maybe more social media outlets, but I only follow their FB page). They have a program you can sign up for, but you don’t need to do that to get the free recipes. Be sure to follow their YouTube channel for lots of interesting videos. (Note: Fitlife.TV is NOT vegan.)

RawRawLife : Carla has been juicing and juice fasting for years and offers a variety of juice recipes, tips and tricks on her website via written blog posts and videos. She just did a long juice fast after having a baby in the late spring, so her most recent videos relate to that. She also has a juicing recipe ebook and smoothie recipes ebook that are both really inexpensive. (I have both and really like them.)

Rawganic Vegan : Liana runs this Facebook page and offers a lot of nutrition and life advice, but she also posts tons of juice and smoothie recipes. If you’re looking for a guided juice fast, she sells one for $20 that includes a parasite cleans. (I have this, and although I have not tried it, I think it’s a really good deal for the information you get.)

Jay Kordich : a.k.a. The Father Juicing. Jay and his team (usually his wife, but sometimes his daughter) post tons of juicing recipes and other juicing related information on their YouTube Channel and Facebook page. Their website seems to be more of a sales page than anything else. (Jay his is own juicer.)

Amazon : Amazon? Really? How is that a free or inexpensive resource? Well, if you keep your eyes open for those free Kindle compatible books, juicing books are offered up all of the time. Don’t have a Kindle? Me either, so I downloaded the Kindle app to my iPhone, and now I have hundreds of free books on there. You can also access this via the Cloud on your PC, tablet or iPad, or MAC. [There are 6 free Kindle books related to juicing or smoothies listed as of this publication.]

And many, many more…


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