Product Review: Daiya Pizza

I tried Daiya pizza…and it was OK. I wouldn’t buy it again, considering it was $10, but It tasted OK.


I kept reading about how awesome this product was, so when I saw it at my favorite Whole Foods last week, I went ahead and picked up the Fire Roasted Veggie variety.

The box was pretty big. It didn’t fit very well in my small freezer. Luckily, It wasn’t in there long, so that was only minimally annoying. The biggest problem I had with this product was the cooking instructions.


500 degree…really?! The box says to cook the pizza either on a cookie sheet or on the oven rack at 500F for 20-24 minutes. Um…ok….that’s as high as my oven goes, and I was under the impression that was the broil option, and broiling is usually a pretty short process, so I was more than skeptical these directions were correct. Thankfully, I checked the pizza after 10 minutes, and the edges were already starting to burn. But, as is the case with really high heat, the center was barely warm. Not surprised.


I went ahead and took the pizza out of the oven and let it sit on the cookie sheet for a few minutes to help disperse the heat towards the middle of the pizza. It tasted OK – warm in the middle but not crispy like the outside pieces. I topped half of the pizza with nutritional yeast. I also jazzed up the pizza with salt, pepper, dried oregano, basil and fennel.

The nutritional profile of the pizza isn’t great either, but it is Daiya – not exactly health food.



My overall opinion is to save your money. Buy a bag of Daiya, if that’s you’re thing, and add your own toppings to your favorite crust. If you don’t have a favorite crust, try the prepared crusts from Trader Joe’s; they’re cheap and tasty! (They don’t have a gluten free variety yet. Bummer.)

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