Book Review: Vegan Cooking at Home

When I reviewed Samantha Shorkey’s  Jacked on the Beanstalk: Plant Based Fuel for Vegan Athletes, I mentioned Samantha was a part of The Vegan Project, a blog dedicated to the journey of adopting a vegan lifestyle. Samantha, along with her blog mates Bridget Burns (author) and Jennifer Boyle (co-author and co-founder of The Vegan Project), and a bunch of other contributors, put together an eBook collection of some of their favorite home-cooked, vegan recipes.

According to Bridget:

About This Book

I’ve been eating vegan for almost four years, and I’ve rarely felt deprived. How do I do
it? I make sure I’m set up with the ingredients and tools to have food that I can eat on
hand, always.

The following recipes have been designed with ease in mind and I’ve relied on them
many times over the years. We have a term for it around here – home food. It’s not
something you’d entertain with, but it’s something you eat often in the comfort of your
own home…so simple, yet so good.

In this book you’ll also find tips for choosing healthier foods, a seven-day meal plan, a
guide to vegan snacks, and a shopping list – everything you need for successful and
delicious vegan cooking at home!

Vegan Cooking at Home: Plant Based Eating Made Easy offers tips for weekly shopping and big batch cooking, recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and sample meal plans. With recipes like Tofu Scramble (Who can’t use another tofu scramble recipe? I’m always on the lookout for a new twist on mine!), Kale Caesar salad (Helllloooo Kale!), Tempeh Tacos (mmmm….tacos….), this ittle book is a hit. And, at about $12US, it’s a good value, too. (Or, you can buy the combo pack, a copy of Vegan Cooking at Home and Jacked on the Beanstalk, for a significant savings.)


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