Vegan Mofo: My Favorite Tahini

mofo 2013 red white food banner

Ok. By now it’s apparent this year’s MOFO has been a major fail. Day 21 and I’ve only posted twice. Wowza. At least I have moving to blame it on. Right? *sheepish look*

I still want to share a few of my favorite vegan things with you this month, and this one is one of my all-time favorites…Max Sesame Tahini Spread. It’s sooooo good!

Max Sesame Tahini Spread

I started using this brand of tahini after reading about it on Carry on Vegan. I’ve been ordering it for a few months, and it really makes all other tahini pale in taste comparison. I can even eat this tasty little seed butter straight out of the jar – something I can’t say for other brands of tahini I’ve tried.

I know these little jars are a bit pricy, but the flavor is very pronounced, allowing you to use less of the product. Also, you can save on shipping if you order a few jars at a time – like I just did 😉

mofo 2013 green white year mofo 2013 rectangle buttong

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