Chocolate Pomegranate Microwave Mini Sponge Cake

(gluten-free, oil free, gum-free)

1/4 c Gluten Free Flour mix (I used Bob’s)

1 T GF Oat Flour

1/4 tsp Pysllium Powder*

2 T Cocoa Powder

1/2 t Baking Powder

Dash Salt

1 T Maple Syrup (or more if you want a sweeter cake)

1 t Vanilla Extract

2 T Pomegranate Juice

1/4 c Applesauce

Wisk together dry ingredients. Add wet. Stir to combine. Place all ingredients into a shallow, microwave safe dish, or separate batter into three microwave safe silicon muffin molds. Microwave cake for about 1 minute on high; microwave cupcakes one at a time on high for about 30 seconds. Eat immediately.

*The psyllium powder is a replacement for xanthium gum. It worked nicely and added a little extra fiber. I’ve also read that flax or chia meal works as a substitute.

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