Spring Rolls

4 spring roll wrappers

1/2 c broccoli slaw mix

1 small/medium avocado, sliced thinly

Sprinkle of salt, chili pepper, and granulated garlic

Bring spring rolls to life by soaking in warm water for a few seconds. (Follow package directions.) Lay pliable wrapper on a wet towel and blot excess moisture. Lay two slices of avocado end-to-end in the middle of the wrapper. Top with 1/8th of the broccoli slaw mixture and sprinkle with seasonings. Fold one side of the spring roll wrapper over the veggies and pull back towards them, forming a tight roll. Fold ends over and roll the spring roll towards the open flap. Place on plate seam side down. Slice in two on the bias. Serve with your favorite sauce. (I like a tiny bit of soy sauce.)

3 responses

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    • Kendel: Nope. No need to do either. I used rice paper for the spring rolls. You soak it in a little water until it becomes pliable. It’s chewy without having much flavor. Love them! They’re naturally gluten free and very low in fat, but rice flour is pretty caloric, I’m finding. Regardless, they’re delicious 🙂

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