Recipe Review: Sugar Cookies

I want to bring cookies to a work meeting this Friday, so I tried out a couple new to me recipes this weekend. Because I know a couple of the people in attendance at the meeting can’t eat chocolate, and it hasn’t been my friend lately either, I decided to make a couple cookies that were chocolate free. Although cookies without chocolate hardly seem worth the effort ūüėČ

The first cookie I tried was Chocolate Covered Katie’s Sugar Cookie. Because¬†I’ve also been having trouble with gluten, I thought I’d try these cookies both gluten-free¬†and with gluten. I also thought I’d go ahead and try to make a fat-free version with each flour and do a little taste testing.

For the gluten-free¬†cookies, I used Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Flour, which is a mix of a few different, gluten free flours. And, because¬†I read someone I could sub out chia meal for xanthium¬†gum 1:1, I went ahead and added 1/4 tsp chia meal to both batches in place of the xanthium¬†gum. (1/4 tsp was suggested for cookies on the flour bag)¬† For the fat-free cookies (both GF and WW), I used unsweetened applesauce.

Both full fat doughs¬†were crumbly after adding the melted butter. I had to add a little more non-dairy milk to each dough so it wouldn’t crumble apart. Regardless of the fat or flour, I couldn’t have rolled out any of these doughs; if I’d wanted to use cookie cookies, I’d have been out of luck. Bummer.

The doughs all came together quickly and went off to the fridge to sit for a few hours.

Whole Wheat Fat FreeWhole Wheat Full Fat


Gluten Free Fat Free


Gluten Free Full Fat

After chilling in the fridge for a few hours, the cookies all went into the oven and baked for 10-12 minutes. The gluten-free cookies had the most authentic look; the whole wheat cookies turned out very puffy.

Gluten Free Sugar Cookies Ready to go in the Oven


Super Puffy Whole Wheat Sugar Cookies Fresh from the Oven

So what where the overall results? Well…none of the cookies turned out. Boo.
Gluten Free/Fat Free:Very flat yet cakey. Weird flavor
Gluten Free/Full Fat: Most traditional look. Sweet. Off flavor.
Whole Wheat/Fat Free: Very puffy. Flavorless. Too bread-like.
Whole Wheat/Full Fat: Super puffy. Very bread-like. Almost stringy.
I guess the lesson learned here is this recipe needs pastry flour and fat. Now we know ūüėÄ