Carob Peanut Butter Banana Butter/Fudge

I have a problem. A serious problem. My body is rejecting a vital nutrient. Something I need. Something I can’t live without! Oh, the horror! I can’t….I can’t…I can’t eat chocolate anymore!!!!! (insert sobs and wails of anguish)

I’ve shared before that I have gallstones. They bother me off and on, but I’m usually able to keep things under control by watching my diet. The first thing to go was dairy, which had been making me sick for months – years really since I’ve been lactose intolerant since birth – so in a way, my pesky gallbladder helped me go vegan. Nice. But now it’s bothering me and more and forcing me to cross foods and drinks off my OK list rather quickly. Not nice. (If my gallbladder was on Santa’s list, it would get a lump of coal for Christmas!)

I’m sure you’re wondering why I don’t just have the stupid thing taken out and be on my merry way, chocolate bar in hand (with a decaf latte in the other, followed by a popcorn chaser *sigh*). At first, I couldn’t get a surgeon to agree my symptoms warranted removal, then I finally got a GI doctor to refer me to a surgeon, but my symptoms went away,so I was advised to wait. Flash forward to today and me calling the GI doctor with a message that it’s time to get that referral! I’m nervous, but if I focus on the chocolate, I think, hope, know I’ll be OK!

My pain is your gain!

I couldn’t completely give up on the chocolate experience, so I payed a visit to my old friend, carob. Years and years ago, I gave up chocolate due to a caffeine sensitivity. (I still have it and shouldn’t eat chocolate even when my body isn’t rejecting it, but it’s just so darn good! My symptoms have lessened over the years, and I don’t eat much at any one time – mostly because of the calories.) During that time, I experimented with carob and had pretty good results.

As soon as I opened the canister of carob powder, my nose remembered the unforgettable scent. And then, after I tasted my new creation, my tongue remember the unmistakable tangy bitterness of the lovely carob fruit. (Did you know carob was a fruit?!) 

A little carob powder, a super ripe banana, some bottom of the jar peanut butter, and a secret ingredient later (psst…it’s beans!), this tasty, not too sweet/rich/tangy spread/fudge emerged.

Carob Peanut Butter Banana Butter/Fudge

1/2 c white beans

1/2 c peanut butter
1 very ripe banana

2 TBSP carob powder

4 pks stevia

pinch table salt

Puree beans. Puree banana. Heat peanut butter for easy spreading (30 seconds in microwave). Combine all three. Add carob powder, stevia, and a pinch of salt (if using natural PNB with no salt or sugar).

Store in refrigerator.

Click here for nutrition information.

I used chunky peanut butter; you can see the peanut pieces in this photo.

I planned about 4 servings of about 2 TBSP each. If you want to spread the mix into a dish and chill until a little more solid, I’m sure you could cut it into about 8 little squares.  I used my mix as a butter/spread on toast, on fruit, and on a spoon.