Oh, How the Garden Growns


This year,  Mr. M and I planted a bit of a garden. Two years ago, we planted a few tomato plants and ate tomatoes until we couldn’t stand them anymore. Last year, we didn’t quite get around to planting anything, so this year we went all out.

We have a very small yard, as you can see. Mr. M uses an old fashioned push blade mower on the lawn and gets the whole thing done in about 10 minutes. Yes, it’s that small.  Luckily, though, we have a patch of grass in the middle of the courtyard that all of the houses in our tiny neighborhood share. But, since we’ve lived here, we’ve been responsible for the entire patch in front of our house (The guy across the court yard died last year, and the lady beside him died about three years ago.) So, this year, we turned the whole patch into a tiny garden patch.

We also took out a couple of sad bushes beside our house and opened up quite a bit of space.

The plants that went into the ground included tomatoes, zucchini and yellow squash, green and red peppers, and onions. We also planted countless rows of kale, spinach, chard, and lettuce.

Unfortunately, our summer here has been crazy hot and crazy dry. And while we do value our garden and freshly grown veggies, we also value saving water (and money!), and only watered the plants in desperation. (We would love to set up a rain collection system, but this house and property just don’t allow for it.) I’m sure if our plants had had more water and a bit cooler temps, the yield would have been a lot more than it was. But, that didn’t happen, and neither did our veggies.

In total, we harvested about 10 zucchini and yellow squash and about 10 Roma tomatoes. Most of our tomatoes got bottom rot (Mr. M’s research indicated lack of calcium in the soil and/or low water.), and our pepper plants were miniature, producing only three peppers – all of which rotted before maturing. And our greens, well, they’re sad. Just sad.

Nothing grew! No kale. No lettuce. No chard. No spinach. Nothing. Notta. A few tiny leaves popped up, and something ate them. Bummer.

I was supposed to plant herbs in pots and place them on the porch, but that never happened. I’m more of the eater, and Mr. M is more of the planter 😉

Maybe we’ll have better luck next year.