Hello Again!

Hello again!

Sorry for the disappearing act!  I didn’t plan to take a 3 month hiatus. Sometimes life gets in the way *sigh* I have been continuously sharing my vegan adventures on Facebook and Instagram, though, so follow me on either/both to get your daily Veggie V fix! (Most of what I share on Instagram also gets shared on Twitter, if that’s more yo thang.)

But, I have some exciting things to share with you! I have recipes, blood test results (eating plant-based does a  body good!), an update on the current state of my diet and exercise routine, certificates I’m currently working towards – and all kinds of other awesome stuff! Let’s start with the certificates 🙂

A couple of months ago I went ahead and signed up for the Holistic Nutrition Consultant Certification offered through the American Fitness Professional and Associates! Yea! I’m working my way through the material, and I’m loving every minute of it! I’ve already learned some interesting information that I want to follow up on before I share. I love learning new things!

The cost of the certification is reasonable (especially compared to comparable certifications that take much, much longer to complete and cost nearly 10 times more) , and the timeline is pretty good. AFPA gives you up to six months to complete the work and take your final exam, but you can work through material much quicker. One of the books used in the program is Whole by T Collin Campbell, which I (and a lot of other people) had already read, so that part of the first assignment went quickly. There are a copious amount of videos to watch from Dr. Greger, but, again, I’d already watched quite a few of them on YouTube, so I was that much ahead there too. I’m currently working on finishing up the first assignment, or the learning phase, before moving onto the actual coaching part of the certification.  But the excitement doesn’t stop there!

I took on my first mentoring client last month. Woohoo!! I didn’t ask if I could share their name, so for now, we’ll just call them Client #1 😉 Client #1 is newly plant-based and is looking for guidance through the sea of information out there about eating healthy plant foods and hopefully losing some weight in the process. I’m excited to share my experiences and the knowledge I’ve gained on my own and through my formal training. (Remember the Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition I completed last summer? No? That’s probably because I never got around to reviewing it. Ha! That’s coming in a future post!) This week, Client #1 is coming over for a cooking lesson. What’s the on menu? Nori rolls! I’ve gotten pretty good at making avocado and other veggie rolls, and now I get to share 🙂 Win win!

photo 1(5)photo 2(4)











Speaking of nori rolls, I’ve got a new, favorite kitchen gadget…a rice cooker! I bought the Armoa Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer (8 cup) from Amazon for about $30, and it works great! I was a skeptic, but it cooks the rice perfectly every. single. time. Amazing. If you’re considering a rice cooker, I highly recommend it. I’ve always had trouble with the rice sticking to the pan or being undercooked, but no more!

Thanks for waiting for me to return to blogging! I really appreciate all of your support! And to show it, I have a little give-a-way to do this week. Stay tuned!


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Success! Plants2Plate Recap

Well, I did it. I successfully completed my first community presentation…and it went great!

About 45-50 people attended Plants2Plant: An Introduction to a Plant-Based Diet last Tuesday evening, May 15.  We had a nice mix of attendees, with about half of the people comprised of community members and the other half were members of the Masons and their wives. (Freemasonry is a men’s organization dedicated to philanthropic and community endorses – much to the dismay of conspiracy theorists – ha!)

photo of me

I made enough food to feed about 100 people. Apparently, I can cook for 1 or 100 – but nothing in between!

On the menu: Quinoa Salad, Cool Slaw, Bean & Lentil Chili, Vegetable Chowder, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, Dark Chocolate Mocha Chunk Cookies, Sunbutter Double Nut Cookies, Tropical Trail-Mix Cookies, Coconut Butter Cookies with Mix-Ins, and spa water (lemon, lime or cucumber). There was so much food left over (no cookies though!)  that participants were able to take food home 🙂 I’m soooo glad we decided to purchase some to-go containers!

Picture courtesy of my friend, Cherie Bullock-Myslinkky

After people got their food and got settled in, eating away, I began my presentation. The venue wasn’t the greatest  (Is a basement ever the best place to do a presentation??), but I kept everyone’s attention…for entire hour and half! I didn’t expect to talk that long, but I had so much important information to share! Plus, the teacher in me took over, and I got caught up in my love for lecturing. (Side note: I may be the only person on earth who has a love for listening to and engaging in lectures. But c’mon, a room full of people’s undivided attention?? That’s a dream come true! Ha ha ha)

I tried to encourage questions from the group, and a few people obliged. I love that people were actually listening! My friends in the audience said it seemed a though the people around them were intently listening, and Mr. M said some ladies seated near him were taking notes. Woohoo!

Robin, my hair stylist, posted one of my flyers in her shop!

I even managed to sell 9 copies of my eBook, which I burned on to CDs for the event. Nice! I included all of the recipes on my blog (all original Veggie V recipes), organized them by category, included a photo for all but a couple, and saved them in a PDF. It turned out really nice! I’m going to sell copies on here as soon as I make it look a little nicer.

I also passed out a flyer (Veggie V Can You Help Me?!) promoting my plant-based health coaching services. I would LOVE to help people get started on or continue their plant-based diet (and lifestyle!). I’ve done some research, and nobody is offering that type of service in my area. There are a few people in Columbus and Ann Arbor, but both are well over an hour away. I don’t think we’d competition for each other with face-to-face coaching, and there’s always room for web-based coaches. Everyone offers their unique views on our wondrous vegan journey.

I’m also VERY interested in presenting to area community organizations. I have some great contacts through friends and coworkers, so I’ll be working on all of those avenues in the very near future. I’ll keep you posted!

I’m so excited at the prospect of sharing my love for all things vegan/plant-based. I’ve been wanting to figure out a way to do this forever, and now some roads to reaching people are becoming visible. I can’t wait to travel down them and see what awaits!